Maine 70.3 Training: Week 1


Since I’m fully recovered from shingles I decided to start fresh with half Ironman training. I’m doing short weekly recaps of training because I like to keep a training journal (other than Training Peaks) and short recaps feel like something I can manage with school/training/everything else.

Here’s a quick recap of week one of Maine 70.3 training:

Swim: 4500 yards (1 hr, 46 minutes). Missed one swim due to forgetting my goggles (aka lack of organization). Now my swim bag contains two pairs of goggles. I debated on making the swim up today, but then I wouldn’t have a rest day for this week so I just let the box in Training Peaks remain red.

Bike: 59.5 miles (4 hours). I love cycling, seriously can’t get enough of it.

Run: 16.8 miles (2 hrs, 55 minutes). Running was challenging but that was to be expected since not really I didn’t really run much in the past month. The way I see it, there can only be improvement from here.

Total time: 8 hrs, 41 minutes

Notable events:

My husband is headed west! A couple of months ago he accepted a position in California and he’s on his way there, currently in New Mexico as I type this morning. I’m staying behind in Virginia to finish my degree because I only have a few semesters left and paying out-of-state tuition for community college is insane, and the transferability of the classes I’ve already taken is questionable. The nice thing is that we’re pretty much going to see each other every couple of months and time will definitely fly by…..still, quite the adjustment!

The day before Tyler left for California, we went to Antietam National Battlefield and discovered some amazing cycling that will totally be worth the hour drive this summer.

tarmac for days

I found a love of Clif Chocolate Chip bars. They are seriously the perfect pre-workout snack, especially if I’m cycling or swimming after work.


Tired. Excited. Hungry….constantly hungry.

There you have it, week one of half Ironman training is in the books! Onward!

Linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC for her weekly training recap.

What are you currently training for? How’s it going?